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Dead Sea Bath Salts

Dead Sea Bath Salts can be used in a relaxing and purifying bath; also used with slimming treatments.

Usage: Plunge into a hot bath containing 100 g of Dead Sea salts. After soaking for about 20 to 30 minutes, shower thoroughly. Also recommended for foot-baths.

Composition: Dead sea salt 100% natural.

Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt, mined from 250 million years old mines. It has not been contaminated with any toxins or pollutants, and it contains all 84 elements found in the human body.


Himalayan Salt


When used, the heat that is emitted by the bulb makes the salt lamp emit ions which are negatively charged. These negative ions then help produce cleaner air. How can the salt lamp actually do this? The air is composed of many elements. These elements include (positively charged) ions which are pollutants such as dust particles that are not easily seen by the naked eye. Pollutants make up most of the air particles in our living environment, and their ions are positively charged. The action of the salt lamp is to neutralise these positive ions through emitting negative ions. When this happens, the neutralized substances get heavy and ultimately fall, eliminating them from the normal air circulation, thereby eliminating pollution.

Electronic devices used at home also produce electro-smog, which can affect the concentration as well as the breathing of individuals. Ironically, many mechanical air ionisers that are meant to clean the air actually produce pollution of their own. With a salt lamp, this electro-smog is significantly repressed; in fact, the salt lamp helps eliminate electro-smog of other devices in the home or at the office, such as personal computers, as well.



Salt lamps will not only complement the natural look of your home (or work space) but they will also encourage health and wellness through a clean environment. Also, a salt lamp not only enhances the health of an individual, but it also helps in keeping other ailments and allergies at bay. For an inexpensive and easy way of boosting the health of your family, try lighting a salt lamp!












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