essential oil Niaouli

essential oil Niaouli

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1 l = 519.00 €
1 l = 519.00 €
natural essential oil Niaouli

content: 10ml

Affects, strengthens, strengthens, strengthens, creates a relaxed mood.
The scent of Niaouli brings clarity and concentration. It helps with mental confusion and exhaustion.
Brings clarity.
Brings concentration.

The oil is very thin and is light yellow to dark yellow. It has an intense smell, easily reminiscent of camphor, but also of eucalyptus.

Niaouli is strongly antiseptic and is used in aromatherapy for example against cystitis, as well as against bronchitis, runny nose or a running or stuffy nose.

Niaouli oil goes well with other oils, especially eucalyptus oil, pine oil and myrtle oil when it comes to the treatment of respiratory diseases, colds and flu.

An inhalation mixture would be as follows: A large bowl of hot (non-boiling) water, 2 drops of Niaouli oil and 1 drop of eucalyptus and myrtle oil. Then inhale under a towel.

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