essential oil Ylang Ylang

essential oil Ylang Ylang

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Ylang-ylang oil is able to influence the secretion of various hormones in our body. Hormones are substances that directly affect our mood. One of the hormones that is affected by ylang-ylang oil is the so-called serotonin. Serotonin affects our blood pressure and is responsible for making us feel relaxed or choppy. A lack of serotonin leads to inner restlessness, nervousness and depression. Ylang-ylang oil promotes the release of this hormone and thus has a very calming effect on our mind. Another hormone whose release is affected by ylang-ylang oil is enkephalin. It is an endogenous analgesic closely related to opiates. A lack of enkephalin leads to depression and a strong irritable mood. Increased enkephalin release increases our confidence and performance. Probably the most important hormone whose production is stimulated by ylang-ylang oil is endorphin. It is colloquially referred to as '' happiness hormone ''. Too low an endorphin level in our blood puts us in a negative mood and can trigger depression. The ylang-ylang oil thus has an exhilarating effect on our mind.

Ylang-ylang oil not only has an effect on our hormonal balance, but also on our memory. In her diploma thesis from 2008 (1), Elisabeth Wurglits mentions that ylang-ylang oil can negatively affect our ability to concentrate. In addition, the oil is said to have a strong aphrodisiac effect. It should strengthen our sex drive and promote libido.
Physical effect
Ylang-ylang oil not only has a great impact on our mind, it can also be used to combat a variety of ailments.
Ylang-ylang oil for high blood pressure
As mentioned earlier, ylang-ylang oil affects serotonin release in our body. This not only affects our mood but also affects our blood pressure. Because serotonin is responsible in our body for the tension of the blood vessel walls. As the vessel wall tension changes, so does the pressure within the capillaries. Serotonin causes a relaxation of the vessel wall tension, which lowers the blood pressure. This effect of ylang-ylang oil also results in its use against tachycardia. This term refers to the persistent high blood pressure with a value of over 100 beats per minute
Ylang-ylang oil for menstrual problems
One of the best known effects of ylang-ylang oil is certainly that against the monthly menstrual cramps. Ylang-ylang oil has a very strong anti-spasmodic effect, which reduces spasm in the lower abdomen during the period. Even with the premenstrual syndrome, the oil can be used

Ylang-ylang oil for the care of our skin
The treatment of various skin problems with ylang-ylang oil has proven to be particularly successful. Ylang-ylang oil is able to regulate fat production in the sebaceous glands of our skin. So it helps with too greasy and too dry skin alike. With excessive sebum production, the ylang-ylang oil lowers this, too low production, the sebaceous glands are stimulated. In addition, the oil has a strong antibacterial effect. This makes it very effective for inflammatory skin problems, such as pimples.

Ylang-ylang oil for athlete's foot
The ylang-ylang oil is said to have a strong antifungal effect. So it works against any kind of skin, foot and nail fungus. The exact mechanism of how the oil works against fungi is not yet known. If the oil is dripped directly on toenail or nail fungus, the fungus dies within a few days.
Ylang-ylang oil for cramps
Ylang-ylang oil has a strong anti-spasmodic effect. This can be used to treat muscle cramps. It also helps with strong abdominal cramps.


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