Camel Milk Cream Agar Wood Oleanat -

Camel Milk Cream Agar Wood Oleanat -

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Facial and body care with 10% organic camel milk and agarwood - BIO/Ecocert - Oléanat

Rich in vitamin C

content: 100 ml

INCI: Inhaltsstoffe: Sheabutter,Parfum,10% Kamelmilch, Sesamöl, Agarwood-öl, Vitamin E

Camel milk has a high content of minerals and vitamin C. Many people use it for its healing benefits to the skin. Since centuries the Bedouins know the virtues of camel milk. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate its benefits for health and skin in particular. On analysis we identify vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and a filter medium against the sun, carotene.

Collection with camel milk organic Oléanat

Alpha hydroxy acids can accelerate cell renewal. The camel milk proteins are great moisturizers for the skin. By its various actions, camel milk associated with shea butter makes your skin supple and plumped. Agarwood is a natural resin produced by certain trees of the tropical forests of Southeast Asia is used to perfume the baths in the Middle East and is part of the composition of perfumes of very important French brands.


Because of its rare and astonishing aromatic properties, agarwood is a very valuable and sought wood.

The aromatic power of this wood is due to a resinous deposit that forms in the phloem of the trees, following a fungal infection of Phialophora. The natural infection of the tree will cause his death. The harvest is to clear the bast of the dead part of the tree by removing rotten sapwood. Sometimes it takes up to 4 days walking in the forest to find specimens of these trees. The scarcity of raw material justifies its preciousness and its high price.

Its smell is highly sought after in perfumery to bring power and an "Oriental" kind of note. The agarwood is also widely used in religious rituals of the Arab world and oriental countries.


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