Liquid Soap Shea & Argan Menthe Vanille

Liquid Soap Shea & Argan Menthe Vanille

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1 l = 27.46 €


Castile Shea & Argan Liquid Soap (MARRAKESH MENTHE-VANILLA)

content: 473ml


Although the primary ingredient of Castile soap was olive oil, this doesn’t seem to hold true outside of Castile today. Most Castile liquid soaps are made with a high concentration of low cost coconut oil, and pure olive oil is low on the list of ingredients. Not so with Shea Terra Organics’ Castile Shea & Argan Liquid Soap. We use a high concentration of certified organic, extra virgin olive oil in pure spring water (no nasty recycled water for us). We add organic shea butter and organic argan oil as extra skin softeners.

Just a little of our Castile Shea & Argan Liquid Soap goes a long way. Not only is our wash great on a pouf for the shower, but it’s perfect at the sink, great on dishes, eloquent in a drawn bath and the list goes on and on.


Contains only: pure spring water, certified organic extra virgin olive oil, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts which change water and oil into soap, this becomes neutralized during the cooking process), certified organic shea butter, certified organic argan oil, Moroccan mint essential oil, vanilla






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